A Tough Season Ending For CoRe

– the last round of the iRacing 2019 Virtual Racing School World Championship Series was taking place at the Circuit Of The Americas for a final three hours race. CoRe SimRacing was participating with their two entries Black and Orange including Sindre Setsaas, Janne Kiuru, Carl Jansson and Thomas Gibson. CoRe Orange finished the last race of the season in 27th. CoRe Black suffered a DNF due to a crash.

The teams qualified 21st and 27th to start the race off the grid. Carl Jansson, who was starting for the Black car had to already avoid a collision in Lap 1 in front of him – after the esses he sadly was involved in a contact between two other teams which broke CoRe Black’s BMW’s suspension. Sindre was able to fight for a Top-20 position in his opening run. But also CoRe Orange’s luck was hit hard as Janne, who took over then, had to suffer a timeout from the server.

Despite a tough start into the season, the CoRe SimRacing line-ups were able to show decent performance in some of the races. Nevertheless the team could not connect with a fourth Top-10 result to their previous world championship appearances due bad luck and involvement in incidents. The final results classified CoRe Black and CoRe Orange is P21 and P30 for the 2019′ World Championship Series. The broadcast of this race can be found here.

Sindre & Janne wanted to conclude the team’s season : “First we want to thank the whole team for the support. Especially our main man Maik, who is always there for help and doing awesome job with the media stuff. Also the Black and Orange team mates need a big shout-out, they are doing a good job and hopefully we can get the same effort for the next season. This was a really fun season but pretty chaotic on the other side. Even we didn’t get the result that we deserved pace wise, there were strong efforts the entire season. Race pace was always there, but still struggling a bit to get the qualifying lap down. Nurburgring was the highlight moment and it was nice to be back in top 10. Also we needed to have a bit less bad luck and we would have been there. Now we are happy that the season is over and we finally can focus on another series, such as Sports Car Open. Thanks to all participants!


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