CoRe Orange Finishes With Promising P18 Result!

The third round of the VRS GT iRacing World Championship Series was held at Imola for its’ third round. Another three hours race was up and CoRe Racing attended with all four entries. CoRe Orange was filled with Janne Kiuru and Kimmo Suominen, CoRe Black with Marius Golombeck and Carl Jansson, CoRe Red with Kristian Skumlien and Vincenzo Silvestri and last but not least CoRe Green with Jason Stehney and Santeri Kallunki. CoRe Black and Green did not finish while Red crossed the finish line in P32 with CoRe Orange in a great 18th position.

After the qualifying result was once again not the performance the CoRe SimRacing team expected to be, the race had to be started from the backs of the grid. Marius and the CoRe Black car were able to make up a decent amount of positions – nevertheless the race ended in Lap 1 after the pile-up in Variante Alta could not be avoided. A couple of laps later CoRe Green was killed by the TX3 team at the Rivazza corner and had to retire. CoRe Red and especially CoRe Orange with Janne Kiuru showed great pace and were able to end the race in the Top 20 after Kimmo Suominen brought home the car at 18th position in the last stint. CoRe Red with Kristian Skumlien and Vincenzo Silvestri ended the race in P32. The next round is at the Nürburgring. The broadcast of this race can be found on Youtube here.


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