Results : Orange P23 / Green P33 / Black P34 / Red DNF

The first round of the 2019 Virtual Racing School GT iRacing World Championship took place at the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit for a six-hours race. This season’s opener, including the 50 best iRacing endurance teams in the world, showed yet again a great spectacle in terms of high-quality simracing entertainment. CoRe SimRacing qualifed with four teams into this prestigious series – this time by with the following first race line-ups : CoRe Orange including Janne Kiuru and Kimmo Suominen, CoRe Black with Carl Jansson and Marius Golombeck, CoRe Green with Santeri Kallunki and Maik Paluch and last but not least CoRe Red with Vincenzo Silvestri and Kristian Skumlien.

CoRe’s qualifying performance was below expectation after the team decided to choose the BMW M8 GTE for this season after weeks of Balance Of Performance testing before : Orange P29, Black P35, Green P47 and Red P48. The start of the season however went well for the CoRe SimRacing teams. Green and Red, who started at the very back of the field, could make up a couple of positions in the first laps. They ended up around the Top 30 before the first pitstops. The Red team sadly had to end their race in the first hours after they got crashed out in the La Source. CoRe Black had to repair optional damage caused in a traffic incident before the busstop – and lost couple of positions.

Nevertheless the CoRe Orange entry, with Janne behind the wheel, was by far the strongest and luckiest entry in round one. After a successful double stint Kimmo took over and continued to keep pace in order to maintain a Top 30 position. Team Black and Team Green lost more positions due to damage and a penalty. Few places have been made up though after the stinting routine was reset. Hours later the sun went down and Spa got dark – teams started to fight with their incident points. Three CoRe SimRacing teams who were still in the race after six hours of tough racing, made it over the finish line and kept it under the limit of 72 possible off-tracks in the end.

The next race will take place at the Suzuka circuit for a three hours race. The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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