Thomas, better known as "Gibbo" within CoRe SimRacing, is working in the field of agriculture and has been active in simracing for over 15 years already. His passion for motorsports began 1998 by playing his first racing games on the Nintendo 64. Few years later Thomas switched over to Gran Turismo in the early 2000' to fine tune his skills racing against AI. After he purchased his first proper wheel and pedal set Thomas started out racing online with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in 2007. Once GT Academy was announced, Thomas practiced and reached the 2012 GT Academy race camp at Silverstone. After his experience with real life racing Thomas started with iRacing in the same year and has been member of CoRe SimRacing since 2018.


  • 1998 : Started with first racing games on the N64
  • 2000 : Started with Gran Turismo franchise
  • 2007 : Started online racing with GT5 Prologue
  • 2012 : Part of GT Academy in Silverstone
  • 2012 : Started with iRacing
  • 2016 : Taking part in various iRacing leagues
  • 2018 : Joined CoRe SimRacing