Marius, who is a working student for Porsche, has been an active real life racer in several disciplines on and around the Nürburgring. He started karting in 1999 and was able to achieve several results until 2002. After he started simracing with Live For Speed in 2004 Marius can manifest a lot of victories and championships in the LFS simulator. He continued racing his first real life automobiles in 2008 by competing in the ADAC Slalom Cup and Youngster Cup Finals. While he was starting out with iRacing in 2010 and achieved a couple of great results there, Marius also raced the GLP Nürburgring in a VW Golf II GTI. Since 2018 Marius is part of CoRe SimRacing.


  • 1999 : Started with Karting
  • 2002 : Kart-Olympics Winner
  • 2004 : Started with Live For Speed
  • 2008 : Racing in ADAC Slalom Cup
  • 2010 : Racing in ADAC Youngster Cup National Finals
  • 2010 : Started with iRacing
  • 2011 : Racing in GLP Nürburgring in VW Golf II GTI
  • 2018 : Joined CoRe SimRacing