Maik is a certified systems administrator graduated from the IT business school in Passau and studied automobile information technology in the university of Landshut. Maik's first contact with racing games began in 1999 with the Gran Turismo franchise. Later on he discovered the Live For Speed simulator in 2006 and started to compete in first LFS tournaments in 2009. In 2011 Maik joined CoRe SimRacing and took over the management of the team a year later. Voted as most favourite content creator in LFS' community 2011-2012, Maik pushed CoRe's team infrastructure. He was responsible for both team rebrandings in 2014 and 2019 and continues building on CoRe's success after he switched the team's focus on iRacing in 2013. Since then Maik has been a vital part of CoRe and iRacing's community and aspires to push CoRe SimRacing to new limits in the future. Recently, he got invited by Porsche to Leipzig's 2018 SimRacing Summit as representative to give input for sim-racing's general future.


  • 1999 : Started with Gran Turismo 1
  • 2006 : Started sim-racing with Live For Speed
  • 2009 : Competing in first Live For Speed online leagues
  • 2011 : Joined CoRe SimRacing
  • 2011 : Voted as "Best Live For Speed Content Creator"
  • 2012 : Started with iRacing
  • 2012 : Team Manager of CoRe SimRacing
  • 2014 : 1st Rebranding of CoRe SimRacing
  • 2017 : Co-Founder of Sports Car Open
  • 2018 : Representative at Porsche Leipzig SimRacing Summit
  • 2019 : 2nd Rebranding of CoRe SimRacing