Janne, better known as "the uncle" within CoRe SimRacing, is a telecommunications technican and simracer from the very early days. He started proper sim-racing with Geoff Crammonds GP2 in 1994 and was already playing titles like Pitstop, Test Drive and Grand Prix Circuit in the 80's before that. While being married and father of two, Janne was racing in the finnish Superbike Series from 2009 to 2013 and was able to achieve numerous considerable results there. Since 2004 Janne was racing in Live For Speed and started out with iRacing in 2008. After Janne joined CoRe SimRacing in 2016, he shares huge passion with motorsports and sim-racing in general. As a very noteworthy part of CoRe Janne is the absolute expert at building setups, fuel calculating, race strategy and team practice input.


  • 1996 : Started SimRacing With Geoff Crammonds GP2
  • 2004 : Started Online SimRacing With Live For Speed
  • 2008 : Started With iRacing
  • 2009 : Racing In Finnish Superbike Series (Supersport B)
  • 2010 : Finnish Superbike Cup Champion (Supersport B)
  • 2011 : Racing In Finnish Superbike Series (Superstock 600)
  • 2013 : 6th in Finnish Superbike Championship overall
  • 2016 : Joined CoRe SimRacing
  • 2017 : 4th in iRacing Blancpain GT World Championship