CoRe PC Takes SCO2 Championship!

The sixth and final round in the second season of the iRacing Sports Car Open series was held at Silverstone for a long eight hours race. CoRe’s Prototype Challenge effort, who were racing for the tough and exciting championship fight, was Santeri Kallunki alongside Carl Jansson. The CoRe GTE1, who also was taking part in the final race, were Thomas Arends and Janne Kiuru. An early incident with the traffic let them DNF early. Nevertheless, after eight hours of intense multiclass racing and battling with the main contender AVA Vervatic into the sunset at Silverstone, Santeri & Carl brought home their HPD in first position securing the championship in the Prototype Challenge class.

Carl also secured the pole position in the PC class by 0.4 seconds. The start went well for the CoRe PC squad and Carl was able to open up a gap of around ten seconds to AVA behind. After the first stint was done, he sadly got involved into an incident with the Williams Esports Ford making the HPD spin. A couple of seconds were lost as a result and Carl had to get back in line in P2. Damage had to be repaired in the pits and Santeri took over for the following triple stint – he was able to keep the gap to AVA until a pin in turn one let CoRe gain up to their tail. Santeri was able to follow the leader in front and gave over to Carl for the next triple stint. In the meanwhile traffic was still a crucial factor. The sun was getting lower as well as the temperatures of the track. Carl and Santeri were able to put in great pace after they swapped for their triple stints – the CoRe PC squad was able to retake the lead and open up a gap to P2 again. In the end and for the very last time, Carl went into the pits to refuel his HPD to cover the last laps of the race and finished the eight hours of Silverstone in 1st position.

It was a demanding fight against AVA Vervatic which gave CoRe a run for their money. Maik had to say : “The guys really had to focus not to do a mistake. It started to get a bit of a mind game, AVA looked so promising all season long – in this last race, they were just lurking and waiting for us to do an error. I am glad Santeri & Carl brought it home, absolute great performance by both of them.” Santeri had to say : “It was an amazing season – a lot of bad luck though, mostly our own mistakes. But we managed to get it done. Mad respect for AVA.” Also Carl had to summarise : “Absolute pleasure to drive this last part of the season. Thanks to Santeri and Maik, that was great. Also shoutout to AVA for the awesome battles.” The CoRe GTE1 entry ended up the season in P4. The secondary GTE2 car finished P10 overall. The broadcast of this race can be found here : [Part 1 / Part 2]


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