CoRe Wins In PC & 5th In GTE!

The second round of the Sports Car Open 2018-2019 season was held at Monza for a four hours race. CoRe SimRacing was racing with Maxime Pauly and Santeri Kallunki in the Prototype Challenge class and Janne Kiuru, Kimmo Suominen, Marius Golombeck and Ross Balfour in the GT class. A shout-out to Kenny Roosens and Thomas Gibson who were providing a great result in this race, too. Janne and Kimmo finished 5th in class while Maxime and Santeri could bring home a long anticipated victory in the PC class after a fuel saving strategy.

Marius and Santeri were able to claim the pole position in the GT and PC class while Janne had to start from P7. The green flag flew and Santeri & Marius were able to get ahead of the field after a successful start. The crucial part was the traffic once again – it began when the P1 class cars approached which opened up the gaps. Santeri lost the lead against AVA while Marius also had to give up the first place. Few laps later Marius had to retire the car due a crash in turn one. With a bunch of required repair time in the pits one of the CoRe GTE teams decided to retire. On the other hand, Janne had to swallow a hit in the first turn too – it resulted in wing damage affecting their top speed.

Janne gave over to Kimmo after their optimal damage was fixed in the pits and a little bit of speed was recovered. They started to catch up the field fast and did profit from mistakes of others. After a nice battle against Team Chimera, Kimmo was in P6 and even could advance to P5 after the Pure Racing Team GTE experienced a connection issue. In the PC class, Santeri went for his quad stint – with over 20 seconds behind the leader AVA, Maxime took over and started to chase. Kenny and Thomas, who were racing in the 488 GTE, also provided a great drive. Several fights against the TX3 LDLC car provided great air time on the broadcast. It did result in an accident sadly though, making them finish in P4. As the clock was running down, AVA had to splash & dash to the end and Maxime was able to jump to the lead in the PC class. Due an amazing fuel saving strategy, the CoRe PC squad secured the victory with their HPD. Kimmo and Janne came home in P5.

Really sad for Marius and Ross, they had all the pace to fight for the win.” – said Janne after the race. On the other hand, the team celebrated the bright outcomes of the race. “Santeri and Maxime did a blast of a drive in the HPD – spotting and calculating the strategy for them makes this win a valueable one for me, too. That was great! Also kudos to Kimmo and Janne, they did great.” – said Maik. The next race on the SCO calendar is the Nürburgring for another four hours race. The official RaceSpot broadcast of this race can be found here.


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