CoRe With Fatal Crashes At Road America

– The first round of the Sports Car Open Grand Touring Series, which consists of a mixed multiclass season including the GT3 and the Porsche Cup car, was everything else than perfect for the CoRe SimRacing team. The promising GTC entry with Maik Paluch and Markus Blohm sadly ended their race in Turn 3 while Sven Neumann and Pascal Stix also had to give up after a fatal crash in the notorious Road America kink.

Maik qualified the Porsche entry on P4 only after the team could not settle down with a good hotlap setup in those cool weather conditions. Pascal and Sven had to start from P11 in class. The first laps for the GT3 team went well as Sven was able to keep up with the class leaders. Nevertheless Maik did a mistake in the braking zone of turn three in the very first lap. After a good exit in Turn 2, Maik was able to overtake the third positioned car but took a very late braking point for the upcoming left turn. The car started to lock up and Maik was not able to lift the brake as the cars in front were approaching the turn. The CoRe Cup car went into a spin and got hit several times by following traffic. A couple of minutes later Sven went wide after the fast kink corner and lost the car, too. The next round will be a four hours race at Imola where both teams will try to do better. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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