Bad Luck For CoRe NES Team

– the fourth round of the NEO Endurance Series 5 was held at Suzuka for a six hours race. Kimmo Suominen and Janne Kiuru were up again to grab valuable points around the famous Japanese track. Despite qualifying in 7th and driving up to the front of the GTE field within the first hour, the intense race of CoRe’s finnish duo came to an instant halt after they got caught up in a very unlucky crash in the first turn.

Kimmo had to be happy with a maximum 7th position in the qualification. Altus Esport was leading from pole with their Porsche RSR – the green flag was on and Kimmo was able to advance to P5 after he could overtake the car in front of him and did profit from a driving error from another opponent team later on. The first double stint, which was done on one set of tyres, brought them to the a short lead of the field for the second hour. Things were going as planned, but after Janne took over and traffic had to be managed hard – things got a bit loose. Janne was behind a car which started to slide through 130R, the fast left hander. Due the rapid slow down of the Porsche in front of Janne, he was accidentally crashing into the rear of it. Little bit of top speed damage was the result – but just a few laps later, Janne was also unable to avoid a spinning car in the first corner. He hit it with his right front suspension, the car was broken and a meatball flag appeared.

Janne was reviewing what happened : “I wasn’t expecting much of this race. Our plan was just to take it really easy from the start to the end, because this track is so hard with traffic. A lot of things were gonna happen. The Porsche started losing control in front of me but the car was still good – but then this car side ways in the end of turn one, I just could not react in time. I should have been a bit better on top of the moment I guess.” Time to focus for round five and grab some points there. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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