CoRe Welcomes Maxim Ramsteijn To The Team!

CoRe is happy to announce their latest addition to the team : 24 years old Maxim Ramsteijn, living in Nootdorp in the Netherlands, who is working in an aircraft part-out company after finishing his Aviation Engineering studies, will join CoRe SimRacing full-time and prepare for the upcoming Porsche Esports Super Cup in 2021 alongside Sindre Setsaas.

Maxim, who is interested in real-life motorsports and simracing obviously, is also a big fan of wintersports and hitting the gym. Being a competitive guy, Maxim found the entrance to simracing pretty quick after starting out with Porsche 2000 as a young kid. After going through racing games such as DTM Race Driver, GRID and rFactor 1, he finally started out with iRacing in 2012. Getting better and better within the last years, Maxim is finally ready to tackle his journey with CoRe SimRacing : “I expect to become part of a team where people help each other improve their game and work to (continue to) race amongst the best in the world, all whilst not forgetting to enjoy the process. Going into my first pro-season on the service I will be on a team with people who are more experienced than me, so I’m expecting to learn a lot and I’m very much looking forward to doing so!” – said Maxim.


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