Sprint Challenge Champions & 6th In Masters!

It was the prestigious simracing series of 2021 – the iRacing Virtual Racing School Sports Car Open Sprint Series was the event to follow in case fans were looking for great and exciting virtual sports car racing. A tough twelve rounds championship featuring GT3 and GT4 racing on the weekends including broadcasts, prizes and interviews shaped the SCO Sprint Series to a rememberable achievement and championship for CoRe SimRacing.

Pascal Stix, Oscar Mangan, Marius Golombeck, Thomas Gibson and Maxim Ramsteijn were the squad behind the two dominant CoRe Porsche Cayman GT4’s in the SCO Sprint Challenge series. 14 podium results and six race victories in twelve rounds was the overall result from both CoRe SimRacing GT4 efforts. A commanding performance by finishing the final race at the Nürburgring with a double podium gave the team a 28 and 12 points lead to SimRC in P3 who were a honorable contender throughout the series.

Oscar : “What a result for the team getting the 1-2 and big props to them for the support. Thanks to Pascal for being an amazing teammate throughout, couldn’t have asked for more. Also to Marius, Maxim and Thomas!” Thomas : “Double win in the final round to secure P2 overall. Massive thanks to Maxim for the awesome drive all season and congrats to our teammates on winning the championship!” Pascal : “That’s it! We won the Sprint Challenge Championship! Big thanks to Oscar for a phenomenal performance all season long! Also big shoutout to the guys from RaceSpot – always great fun to rewatch the action!”

On the Sprint Masters side, which was the competitive GT3 counterpart of the Sprint Challenge series, saw three CoRe squads on the grid. Best effort there was Oskari Rinne and Carl Jansson in their Ferrari 488 GT3 who were able to finish the series in a fantastic 6th position overall. In association with another CoRe Ferrari and a Mercedes AMG GT3 team including Janne Kiuru, Kieran Harrison, Corentin Guinez, Maxim Ramsteijn and Sindre Setsaas, 14 Top-10 results were achieved with several Top-5 as their best finishes.

Maxim : “From conquering the steep learning curve of the AMG GT3 in the Sprint Masters to winning the last two rounds of the Sprint Challenge in the Cayman GT4. So many highlights in the last two weeks! Thank you CoRe, you rock!” Carl : “Thats a wrap for the Sprint Masters, ended the last round at Nürburgring with two very strong races and with that P6 in the championship – Ferrari has been a struggle whole season with terrible aero and power so to get P6 in standings is really something!” Oskari : “Finishing P6 in the standings after an fantastic second half of the season feels incredible. Me and Carl can be proud what we achieved in the Ferrari!

Pictures by Improvised Design.


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