24H LeMans Victory In The LMP2-HPD Class!

It has been the race all endurance iRacing fans have been waiting for, it is one of the prestigious events on the iRacing Special Event calendar : The 2019 24 Hours Of Le Mans. CoRe SimRacing decided to compete in the LMP2 class using the HPD-ARX-01c prototype car. The line-up consisted of CoRe SimRacing’s high caliber HPD portfolio with Carl E Jansson, Pascal Stix, Sven Neumann and Marius Golombeck.

Carl was able to secure the pole position for the race – a 3.28.703 lap time around the circuit brought CoRe the front row position. The hotlap can be reviewed here. The green flag waved and each class leaders begun to pull away using the last chicanes before the start-finish line as first tiny advantage. With a couple of laps in Carl had to defend the lead against Torque Freak early on. After switchbacks with them and a quadruple stint on the tyres, Carl gave over to Pascal & Marius who continued the race into the iRacing sunset and night.

The lead gap was rising more and more after flawless stints by the drivers. A tiny bit of the leading margin swept away after Marius went for a longer run as planned and had to fuel-save into the pits. Nevertheless the lead was not lost and Sven took over the car for his first run. The track went dark and teams started to level out their driving style in order to bring their cars safely through the night. Sven was able to ride the HPD without any further problems through the night and gave over to Carl & Pascal who raced it towards the sunrise.

Marius, Sven and Carl were the last to stint the race to the end. Everyone’s pace in the CoRe line-up was great and as a result of that the CoRe HPD was able to advance with an over a lap lead to the cars behind. After the last hours were counted and Carl took the wheel for the last time, CoRe SimRacing finished the 24h of Le Mans as winners of the LMP2-HPD class. It has been quite a time to experience a flawless race once again. Fanatstic job by everyone on the HPD team! The next iRacing Special Event will be the 6h of the Glen on June 21-23, 2019. The broadcasts of this race can be found here : [Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4]


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