CoRe Goes Pro For 4th Time!

It was a tough objective for CoRe SimRacing to qualify into the upcoming 2019 iRacing GT World Championship Series with four cars. With brand new line-ups and formations the team decided to tackle the competition – six eventful rounds and with a lot of weekends spent behind the racing wheels later, CoRe can now manifest a four-team strong entry list for the 2019 iRacing GT World Championship Series.

The qualifier series started at Road Atlanta – the first round brought promising results to the team. CoRe Black and CoRe Orange, who sovereignly finished in good positions early on, were able to secure great points for the standings. CoRe Green had to take several shots at Road Atlanta but was able to achieve a Top 10 result, too. CoRe Red was struggling but recovered with a moderate result. At Monza things turned vice versa after CoRe Black was taken out in the pits entry while being in a potential lead. Nevertheless the Sunday race was once again the last chance to deliver – and with the needed focus it provided good ending results for all four of the CoRe SimRacing teams.

At Brands Hatch the teams decided to swap from the Ford GT to the Porsche RSR. CoRe Green showed potential and was able to end up the first race in a safe Top 10 position. CoRe Black and Orange had to take several shots in the weekend races but were able to recover with promising results. CoRe Red had to take another Sunday race after they went over the incident limit once. Next up was Motegi.

Motegi was not much appreciated by CoRe – CoRe Black seemed strong all weekend long while CoRe Orange was taken out several times in the starting phases. CoRe Green’s qualifying peformance was lacking – nevertheless they were able to recover with another Top 15 position which was luckly enough to advance to the next round. CoRe Red did also well and secured valuable points in that weekend.

Interlagos was the moment of the season where things started to close down. Teams were struggling to achieve their last points before going to the Nürburgring to get the most out of their drop week. CoRe Green had to deliver in the last race that weekend. CoRe Red was able to secure good points while CoRe Black and CoRe Orange once again performed well. For the last round CoRe Green, Black and Orange did not compete. Nevertheless CoRe Red had to take their shot to make it over the Top 25 line in the overall standings. After the last teams scored and the last race of the qualifier series came to end, CoRe successfully qualified with all four cars.

CoRe SimRacing Black : P2 (Thomas Gibson, Carl Jansson, Ross Balfour, Marius Golombeck)
CoRe SimRacing Orange : P10 (Janne Kiuru, Kimmo Suominen, Kenny Roosens, Sindre Setsaas)
CoRe SimRacing Green : P14 (Thomas Arends, Santeri Kallunki, Maik Paluch, Jason Stehney)
CoRe SimRacing Red : P24 (Maxime Pauly, Marco Nesi, Vincenzo Silvestri, Kristian Skumlien)


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