After twelve rounds of racing including three runs on each venue, CoRe driver Carl Jansson takes the championship in the iRacing World GT Championship series after 36 tough races in his Ford GT GTE car. Alongside his team mate Sindre Setsaas, who joined the series in the Ferrari 488 GTE, finished the overall season in 7th place. With that CoRe SimRacing also got the 2nd position in the team standings.

Carl had to summarize the season in his words : “I entered the season to have a great time and racing – but of course I also joined to chase that 2nd championship. Some of the races could be a bit better for sure. Road Atlanta was definitely my best round. I was looking forward to this one and I was able to win two out of three races there, that was great. The worst track for me was Suzuka – I did an error on lap one and that put me down. In addition to that I got flipped in the second run ,too. All in all I also enjoyed the endurance runs a lot. I really liked the idea of the 3×20 minutes races and have the little breaks in between of them. The additional reverse grids makes everything a bit more of a gamble, too. I want to thank the organizers and guys for the fights – I had a blast! Special shoutout to Christian Rose, David Baker, Josh Thompson and others I’ve battled with this season!”


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